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Guzzi-arbeiderne i Mandello protesterer (31.07.2009)

Arbeiderne ved Guzzi-fabrikken har nok en gang sendt ut et nødrop....

Since 1921 Moto Guzzi has been manufacturing motorcycles which have always been loved and appreciated by riders all over the world: the name has become a famous and prestigious brand.
In spite of the difficulties the company has faced, through time the attention and affection of all its supporters and lovers have not decreased: Moto Guzzi now covers a great part of the world motorcycle market.
At present all this has become very uncertain as the company ownership is actually emptying the factory in order to transfer the whole production to other premises of the Piaggio group, leaving just a representative seat in Mandello.
We strongly believe that the binomial Guzzi-Mandello may not be separated. This is where Moto Guzzi was born, where it has been able to create know-how, competence and innovations, where it has consolidated the special features of the motorcycles that are produced here.
Moto Guzzi must continue its existence, and to do so it must remain where it belongs.
We hereby ask the owners of Moto Guzzi to act according to our request, carrying out the firm reorganization plan and with all the initiatives aimed at re-launching the Eagle, also involving our local area which has always shown great attention to this company

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